However advanced the GUI has become, some things are still a lot easier to do on the command prompt (or shell in Mac/Unix). On the project I’m currently working on, the databases are created with a nant script. Since we’re using two databases, creating them involves either switching directories in the command-prompt to run the correct scripts, or constantly having two command-prompt windows open. This weekend, I remember iTerm for Mac, which is a terminal emulator that supports multiple tabs within the same window. Hoping that something similar exists for Windows, I turned to google and quickly found Console, which is a alternative for the windows command prompt with, you guessed it, support for multiple tabs! And even better: it is open-source! Although not perfect (in its current state, it doesn’t seem to remember the tab name if you change it, …), but at least it helps me to keep the list of open windows down…Some time ago, I switched to a commercial alternative: PromptPal. I like it better than Console, as it remembers the state of the application (which tabs where open and the active directory of each tab) when you close it. As you reopen, you were where you left off. Cool!