The last couple of weeks, I found some blogs with just a list of cool software (in various categories: development tools, utilities, …). I’ll list just a few of them:

I already knew (or had heard of) a lot of the tools in these lists, but I still managed to find a few gems:

  • synergy – share your mouse/keyboard between multiple systems, even cross-platform (without a KVM switch, that is). I’ve just installed this on both my windows laptop and my mac, and if I move the mouse of my PC to the right side of the screen, it appears at the left side of my mac! Everyone who as ever sat in front of a desk with two PC’s (with their own keyboard and mouse) inevitably has encountered a situation where you wished you could just copy-paste between the two system. Well, with synergy you can! Very cool…
  • Colibri – Quicksilver (from the mac) but then for PC. Launch *any* application with just a few keystrokes. Like the GUI but miss the shell? Colibri is best-of-both-worlds!