For the last couple of months, I’ve been using VMware Fusion on my (new) iMac, and I have to admit: I love it!First, I used VMware converter to create a ‘virtual’ copy of my work laptop, which runs Vista by the way (that took a few hours, but it works brilliantly). Then, I setup a few profiles in SyncBack to synchronize my ‘working’ directories (home dir, current project, …) to my external HD. After each working day, I run these profiles, so I have an up-to-date backup of my work. Now, whenever I work from home, I just use this backup to bring my virtual machine (ie copy of my laptop) up to date, and I work from within VMware Fusion. What surprised me the most, is that working this way from within Fusion, is actually more comfortable than working on my laptop! This is of course partially due to the big screen (24″ on my iMac compared to 15″ on my laptop), but I’ve also noticed that the speed is better as well (even though I gave my virtual machine only 1.5Gb of memory, while my laptop has 2Gb). And this is under Vista, so I can only assume that it’s even better under XP (performance-wise, that is).