Today, when I tried to send an email via Outlook, I got the following error message:


Note the message: I need to close the dialog to try again? But the dialog is the email is just typed. Plain weird.
Note that, although I was using Outlook, the error dialog states MS Word (and yes, I do realize that Outlook uses Word for the mail editing, that still doesn't mean that the user should be aware of this).


After a frustrating day at work with all the software I use, constantly throwing these unexplicable errors at me, I finally decided it was time to start my own blog (hey, I like living on the edge 🙂 ) to write about those problems. Although the main reason is to have a way to channel my frustration (with the software in question that is, not with life), it also serves as an easily accessible place to store random bits of information. Mainly for myself, but hey, it might be useful for someone else…