For some unexplainable reason, submarines have always fascinated me. For that reason alone, I’ve much enjoyed reading Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series which started with the mother of all submarine books: The Hunt for Red October. Earlier today, I came accross a set of pictures of a deserted Russian submarine base (scroll down for the inside shots). It’s kinda funny how much these pictures look like screenshots of 3D-shooters like Half-Life and Unreal. But with much better graphics of course 🙂


Some interesting tips for taking better pictures (mainly about portraits). In short:

  1. Look your subject in the eye and take the photo at eye level
  2. Use a plain background
  3. Use the flash outdoors.
  4. Move in close to your subject (physically or zoom)
  5. Move the subject away from the middle
  6. Lock the focus
  7. Know the range of your flash
  8. Watch light coming from other sources
  9. Take some vertical photos
  10. Move your subjects around

I’m seriously thinking of buying a digital SLR camera. The specific hardware I’m looking into is the new Canon 30D with a Sigma 17-70 lens. While I was looking around on the net for some reviews, I came across some nice galleries, like for example, various nice pictures taken in Sydney, various portraits and even one with the 30D itself as the main subject, . Although these galleries do contain lots of nice pictures, they are all quite traditional. This one however, shows that you can take some breathtaking pictures in the most unusual of spots: a parking garage!