This weekend, I found out that my Vista PC would not sync to the share on my iMac. At first, I thought something was wrong with my samba settings (as the iMac was just set up), but after I turned to google, I found that this problem is caused by an error in the OEM version of Vista. A quick registry hack, solves this:

Create the parameters key in the following location :

Then within the parameters key, create a DWORD Value named FormatDatabase with a value of 1 (hex) then reboot the machine.

(found here)


Although it took me some more time than I had anticipated, I finally was able to run an SSIS upload package with real data on the development machine. When I first tried it, the upload was still running after more than an hour (at which time I aborted it). Now, with all the caching fully enabled (and working :-)), the total upload takes just under 8 minutes for +8M records, which comes down to more or less 17K records/s. Not bad, not bad at all…